Tracy Schuh/The Preservation Collective Recipient of the Orange Environment Kissam Award

Recipient of the Orange Environment Kissam Award on our work with historic and scenic preservation in central Orange County. This award recognizes organizations for an important role at the grassroots level.

From the Orange Environment Website:
“The Preservation Collective: Tracy Schuh, Kathy Parrella and Bob Fury for their work in central Orange County with historic and scenic preservation, preservation of the Cold Spring Farm area in Sugar Loaf, efforts to force the Town of Monroe to properly close the old Monroe Landfill and to discourage development in the immediate vicinity of the landfill site.”

Each year, Orange Environment selects both individuals and groups from grassroots organizations, the media, government, agriculture and private enterprise, that exemplify ecological stewardship—whose programs and plans work to ensure that Orange County remains a coveted place to live and work—now and in the future. The “OE” awards are given at our annual awards dinner.

The categories are consistent year to year with the occasional add-on as where appropriate.

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