The Preservation Collective volunteers participated in the NYS-DEC Amphibian Migration and Road Crossing project, which is part of a larger Hudson River Estuary Program initiative to partner with local communities to conserve natural areas and habitats that sustain the health and resiliency of the entire estuary watershed.

Several of our volunteers collected data while they observed frogs and salamanders emerging for mass spring migration nights. Every year, amphibians have to navigate barriers in their path to get to their breeding habitats. We learned that a single vehicle can crush dozens of slow moving animals as they try to cross the road during migration. Additionally, high enough traffic volumes can wipe out entire populations over time. It was a rewarding experience to help protect some amphibians from harm on their journey as well as document crossings for future protection. These efforts also raise awareness on the importance of preserving these breeding habitats.

How Can You Help?

1) learn and teach others
2) take good care of the woodland pool and forest habitat
3) help migrating amphibians.

Safety is a must on road crossing projects for both volunteers and amphibians. Before heading out, it is important to review the training materials and information provided on the NYS-DEC website and be sure to have reflective gear and handle amphibians with care.

Read More about Amphibian Migrations and Road Crossings – NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation, click here.

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