The Preservation Collective volunteers have been working on:

• Researching relevant areas of historical and environmental concern.
• Learning about regulatory agency involvement in development plans.
• Continuing education by attending local land use planning seminars and conferences.
• Sharing information on environmental review and resources with officials, community leaders, and the general public.
• Promoting the benefits of open space preservation and the importance of water management and protection.
• Communicating with State, County, and local municipal officials to assist with updating planning measures.
• Working with conservation organizations and groups to help identify and preserve important natural resources.
• Hosting educational and informational workshops.
• Encouraging the public to participate in the review process of new development decisions and community growth planning.
• Supporting community beautification and outdoor activity projects e.g. local Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, NYNJ Trail Conference.
• Participating on the Moonda Creek Watershed Intermunicipal Council on the Education and Outreach Committee.
• Volunteering in environmental stewardship projects.