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Development Projects - Town of Chester, NY

In August 2001 (at the time of a building Moratorium) the Planning Board indicated they were reviewing 1,419 new proposed units/homes in Chester.  The largest density developments include Greens of Chester (Route 94) and The Chester Golf Club (Laroe Road).

The Planning Board is currently reviewing these and other numerous projects - a mix of both Residential and Industrial development.

Here is the status of some current proposals before the town:

The Greens of Route 94                 400 homes - Background: Preliminary Approval extended. We believe they are waiting for an on-site sewage treatment plant proposal to service certain phases of the development plans.  This new sewer plant is proposed at the Tetz Industrial Park and the service will be joined by the Town and Village.

Chester Golf Club......Gibson Hill, Bull Mill, Dug and Laroe Road  384 homes, 18-hole course, equestrian facility/394+_ acres -  Background: This project has submitted a draft environmental impact statement which was been deemed adequate for public review.  However, upon the adoption of new zoning regulations, a supplemental DEIS will be submitted.  Residents in the area have been actively following this development and impact on their area.  We would like to see better management of open space in relation to their development pattern, parkland links and horse trail proposals.  The project will go before the Town Board for cluster and PAC (planned adult community) approval.

Bellvale (formerly Camp Monroe)....Lakes Road, Camp Monroe, Pickerel Road, Washington Road, Trout Brook Road, Gibson Hill Road  168 homes/260+- acres.  Introduction of concept included 154 lots in Chester and 14 in Monroe, central sewer and water, proposed cluster design to preserve 50% of the site for open space including steep slopes, lake and the camp building/facilities.  Residents in the area are concerned of the cumulative impacts due to proximity to Monroe Henry Farms proposal and Chester Golf Club proposal.

The Hills of Route 94                   24 homes (reduced from 200) - Background: The Planning Board objects to only access through Whispering Hills.  The applicant is looking to get approval from Goshen for a connecting road.  No further details at this time.

Laroe Estates/KB Laroe/RidgeView Estates.....Between Laroe Road, Kings Hwy, Pond Road (behind Town Hall and Library)        33 homes (+160 acres TBD/sold) - Background: The board asked that these projects be looked at together for possible environmental impacts. Shortly thereafter, the largest of the three (KB Laroe) withdrew their application.  As a result, projects are being looked at separately.  Laroe Estates had a public hearing Sept 1 and RidgeView had a public hearing Dec 1,2004.  Preliminary approvals granted.  KB Laroe resubmitted application - no further details at this time.

Tetz Property...access off route 94 towards Florida Tetz Road/includes 160 acre parcel adjacent to Chester Industrial Park.  The site is split into 4 lots: 1)Current Tetz family property. 2) Fresenius - proposal for 194,000 square foot building on approx. 30 acres to accommodate a distribution facility; Approved.  Applicant gave the town of Chester 10 acres along Black Meadow Creek to set aside for a future sewage treatment facility to support the Greens of Chester as well as future Town of Chester and Village needs. 2) Medical World - a proposal for 12,000 square foot building still under review 3) Unilock - a proposal for 200,000 square foot of building space - approved....Residents in the area are concerned with water, noise and traffic.

Conservo...Kings Hwy (access next to Sugar Loaf Post Office) 28 homes - PAC (Planned Adult Community).  Needs to get approval from Town Board on PAC and sewer access once plans of pipeline down Kings Highway are completed.

1414 Kings Hwy - Commerical Building proposed near entrance to Sugar Loaf - Public Hearing April 6 extended to May 4, 2005.  Public requests architectural review board - forwarded to Town Board.

Surburban Propane - Presented Renovations/Expansion of product at site. Concerns raised about use and needed to go to the zoning board of appeals and return to Planning Board.

Gateway Industrial Park (current mining by UPS) - An agreement with the town indicates the continuation of the mining until 2006 (DEC permit extends to 2008).  After which time, plans for industrial building will proceed. - no other details at this time.

C&S Warehouse  ( 90 foot building proposal in Industrial Park ) - Town Board gives approval for application to procced with the Town Planning Board review and approval process.  The Village Planning Board has requested a joint review of the project.  Concerns were raised about height, traffic and water usage. PUBLIC HEARINGS CLOSED - site plan review continued.

Sugar Loaf Industrial Park (Bellvale Road) - Hudson Valley Welding (7,800 square ft bldg) and Sapanaro (3,800 sq ft bldg) proposals on approx. 7 acres.  Public Hearing scheduled February 2, 2005. Waiting for an updated EAF (Environmental Review Form). - no further details at this time.

The Castle- Requested annexation of property- Joint Village Public hearing April 13, 2005 - approved.  Project expansion review underway.

Monroe/Chester Gun Club (Gibson Hill Road) - site plan/special permitted use review by Planning Board was forwarded to the zoning board of appeals interpretation of zoning law.  Public Hearing scheduled for May 4, 2005.  Waiting for road access approval.  No further details at this time.

Hambleton Hills...Hambletonian Road (old Fox Hill Farm)             19 homes - OAD/5 acres, Site Plan in Ridge Overlay District.  Public Hearing January 21, 2004.  Environmental concerns were raised from Warwick Planning Board and Black Meadow Gun Club.  Final approvals granted November, 2004.

More Development Projects under review....

Silver Stream Winery (Lakes Road), Bosco (Sugar Loaf Mt Rd), Mastrantoni( 10 lots off rt 94 by Blooming Grove), Baredo?, Giuliana (14 clustered lots off Glenmere Rd), Trail View (Hambletonian by new school), Warwick Ridge (19 lots on Ridge Rd, outside Sugar Loaf on Warwick town line), Ashford Estates (21 lots between Goshen and Chester), King Zak Industries (across from Town Hall?), Verizon Wireless Tower (Fieldcrest?).

Look under "Town Meetings" link for updates on upcoming Agendas this month.

Note:  Parital lists only and subject to change based on approvals/revisions.  All files can be viewed by the public at Town Hall.

Projects - Village of Chester, NY updated 8/04

Motel Proposal....behind Chester Plaza next to McDonalds.  Public Hearing was in Aug, 2004 - another Public Hearing May 24, 2005 

CVS Pharmacy Store Proposal....on 17M/Academy Ave intersection (Replacing furniture store). 

CCS Chester, LLC....Rt 17M and Rt 94. Retail Development on 18 acres: 92,000 square foot Building (Stop N Shop, Strip Mall, Bank)

Meadow Hill Subdivision - 29 lot preliminary plan proposed but due to Village interest in Senior Housing, proposal can change to 100+ units.  No other details at this time.

Note:  Parital lists only and subject to change based on approvals/revisions (If you are aware of updated news, please email us and we will post on site)

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